We'll feed you.




The eclectic ambiance at The Psydchic Cafè compliments the delicious blends and inspirations that are infused in our experimental modern cuisine. Experience a taste of home with a modern twist at The Psydchic Cafè.



The Psydchic Cafè brings the food to you! We cater any festivities, celebrations and special ocassions. From birthdays, to engagements, to business or networking events.

We'll entertain you.




Showcasing Local Artist

We support local talented artists by providing a platform and showcasing their art - free of commission.

Check out unique art from talented artists displayed on the art wall at The Psydchic Cafè.


Live Entertainment 

We aim to provide local talented performers with a platform to share their talent.

In-house live entertainment on a regular basis - from music, to comedy, to talent shows and movie nights!

Never a dull moment at The Psydchic Cafè.


Restaurant Consultancy 


We want to help you start your restaurant!

Our restaurant consultancy services include concept development, project management,

business plan development,

management consultancy services, menu development,

& employee hiring and training (front-of-house & back-of-house) as well as recipe development and menu design.